Presto Deep Fryer

Now it is easier than ever to deep fry foods professionally at home. You can discard your normal deep pan or find another role for it. With the modern Presto deep fryer, your cookery would be simpler and more enjoyable. This appliance has similar qualities to the commercial models used in most restaurants. Usually, it comes with a basket, which has a handle on the back, and it has two hooks.

When ready to install the basket, you have to open up the handle and lift it out of the basket. Then, press the hooks so that you can lock the handle tightly in place. The next step would be to place the fryer into the base unit, slithered onto the control panel. Next, put some oil into the frying pot and make sure it is enough. There is a maximum level to guide you.

Cover the top of the appliance with its lid. Proceed and plug the inlet end of the plug into the rear of the control panel, and the outlet end into the electric socket. Do not worry that you would be setting up an item such as this for the first time. When you do everything the wrong way, the appliance will sound to warn you. Assuming you already have a recipe set the heat range to the desired levels. Presto deep fryer appliance has special button for controlling temperatures.

Simply push the button until you achieve the most appropriate level for your recipe to succeed. In addition, check where you see the heat start or cancel button and press it one time only. By doing this, you would make the oil start warming up for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. In most Presto models, you would get a red signal light, indicating that the oil is warm enough. Pick up your frying basket and put it on the workbench or kitchen counter.

Then, put all the foods you would like to deep fry inside it.

Two-thirds level is okay and recommended. Before lowering the basket into the fryer, you have to wait until you see a green light. This signal indicates that the oil has the correct temperature. Next, choose the frying time by pushing the negative or positive button. You might want to raise the oil heating time up to thirty minutes. Well, if you are very sure that your oil is hot, then open the fryer’s lid.

Next, lower the basket into the boiling oil and it should snugly rest on the base, where the heating element is. Cover your frying pot with its lid and ensure the vents have good positioning. The next would be timing, which is very easy with this appliance. It has a timer start or cancel button that it easy to push down to set the time accordingly. Most models have a viewing window so that you could monitor the food as it cooks.

As soon as the time for cooking lapses, the timer element will stop and produce a sound. When this occurs, simply press the button so that it can stop to function. Open the presto deep fryer cover again and lift the basket out of the boiling oil. The oil will drain easily and quickly, though; it would be necessary to have a special paper for absorbing the excess oil. After this, your food would be ready for serving.

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