Undercounter Ice Maker

Some things to consider before selecting an Undercounter ice machine:

Height, space, type of ice, and 24 yields are four essential considerations when choosing an undercounter ice machine.

Standard counter height is approximately 34 inches high. Some undercounter ice machines stand slightly higher due to casters or legs that come with the unit. Most add about six additional inches in height to the unit, but special two-inch casters can be purchased to solve the problem. Be careful not to set undercounter ice machine directly on the floor as inadequate ventilation and drainage will result.

Another consideration is space. Undercounter ice machines need circulation on all sides to function properly, so a little extra space all around is required. Next thing to consider is the type of ice, whether cube, flake, or gourmet, and how much ice is to be yielded per 24 hours. A good measure might be that a typical person consumes 1.5 lbs of ice when out for a meal at a restaurant.

There are numerous undercounter ice machine manufacturers, but heres a little about the big four:

Ice-O-Matics motto is, Ice, Pure and Simple and for good reason. Ice is all they do. Located in Denver, Colorado, Ice-O-Matic has been manufacturing commercial ice machines since 1952. According to the companys website, they offer ice machines that are antimicrobial, practical designs that make them easy to clean, and the highest quality ice machines with the longest warranties in the industry.

Hoshizaki is the worlds largest manufacturer of commercial ice equipment, employing over 10,000 people. Hoshizaki America is located in Georgia where it operates a state-of-the-art plant that run-tests all ice machines before shipment to ensure they meet the toughest standards of excellence. According to their website, 47 of the top 50 U.S. foodservice chains specify and use Hoshizaki commercial ice machines.

Scotsman is another of the worlds largest ice machine manufacturers with over 300 models from which to choose. Scotsman was the first to pioneer the crystal clear ice cube nearly 60 years ago, free of sediment, and is the leading supplier of nugget ice making machines, a style of ice popular with crunchers. On their website, Scotsman claims to have the most energy efficient ice machines, reducing utility costs for businesses, including water usage.

Last, but certainly not least, is Manitowoc who claims to sell Americas #1 selling commercial ice machine. Based out of Wisconsin, Manitowoc offers over 200 ice machine models with daily capacities ranging from 65 to 3,380 pounds. Manitowoc uses only environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants, which reduce the companys carbon footprint.

So whether you need an ice machine with a 44 lb capacity, or one with a 350 lb capacity, modern undercounter ice machines can satisfy your companys needs, providing space-saving, environmentally efficient, clean and healthy ice.

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