How Different Is Commercial Refrigerators From Residential Refrigerators?

A lot of people are confused about the difference between a commercial and a residential refrigerator; it is because the distinction between them is not obvious. These past few years, residents incorporate commercial equipment in their home kitchens. Because of this, the sales of commercial fridges have increased. The reason why more and more people are buying commercial refrigerators is that it is more reliable and versatile than residential refrigerators. 

The main difference between residential and commercial fridges is their role. The residential fridge is made to hold a certain quantity of food for the needs of a medium-sized family. Meanwhile, commercial fridges are used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other establishments for stocking large quantities of food that is needed for their business. 

Now the question is: should you go for a commercial fridge or a residential one? Before you decide, you need to know the difference between the two models. 


There are commercial fridges that are available in other countries like Australia that look contemporary, and you may like them moreover any other fridge. The modern design of the unit best suits your needs while it improves the ambiance of your living space or wherever you place it. However, residential fridges do not look as elegant and as impressive compared to commercial fridges that look contemporary. 

Energy Efficiency.

There are energy restrictions with residential refrigerators, but commercial fridges have none. A sample of this is the sub-zero in residential fridges consumes less amount of energy, even less than a 100-watt bulb. But the commercial fridge is known to consume a lot of energy, and it has to follow the strict laws to be allowed to enter the market. 

Size and layout

Commercial units are made to provide more space for storing larger amounts of food. This is the reason why fridges used in the food industry are bigger compared to fridges used in residential places. The residential fridges come with freezer incorporated and it has more drawers and adjustable shelves so you can separate food. You can go to a commercial fridge if you have enough space in your home kitchen. 

Cooling ability

Commercial and residential refrigeration units both keep food supplies cool. Even though both models have the same function, the commercial fridge is more powerful than residential units. Commercial fridges have more powerful compressors, and they can maintain the temperature consistent even when the unit is opened frequently. 

Door storage issues

Food that is kept in the doors of the residential fridge is prone to spoilage because they do not get enough cooling effect compared to the other areas inside the fridge. But for commercial refrigerators, they come with an alarm that immediately notifies the system whenever the door opens, or the temperature is inadequate. An auto-defrost functionality is also available in a commercial fridge. 

Exterior appeal

If you’ve noticed, the fridges that are used in restaurants are similar. Most of the fridge models used in the food industry have a stainless steel exterior. The residential models, on the other hand, are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. This gives you the chance to choose a fridge of the material, color, and finish that you want. 


Another thing to consider before you purchase a fridge is maintenance. Regular maintenance and repairing of the commercial fridge must be done by professional commercial technicians, whose service will cost you a whole lot more than the services done by professional residential technicians. 

Basically, a residential refrigerator can violate restaurant health and safety codes, and it can’t operate effectively and efficiently in a commercial kitchen. Commercial refrigerators are made for heavy use and high standards, so they are suited in the food industry. Buying a commercial refrigerator can lead a restaurant operator to an investment that makes sure that the right function, durability, and efficiency is met. 

As for maintenance and repairs, it is best to have them done by a professional. There are a lot of local service providers; for example, commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale. Whatever your issue may be, it is best if it is done by a professional. 

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